A floor plan is a bird’s eye view of the measurements in your space, however it’s also good to include ceiling heights (and any changes in ceiling heights, within your space). You can give your measurements in inches and feet or centimetres and meters, both are fine.

Your floor plan will help your designer ensure that their design is perfect for your space.

As long as your floorplan includes accurate measurements, you won’t need to draw your plan to scale. Phewph!

It’s really easy, all you need is a piece of A4 paper, pen or dark pencil and tape measure.

See our handy instructions

  1. On an A4 piece of paper, draw a rough outline of your space’s walls
  2. Measure along the baseboard the length of each wall from corner to corner. Record these measurements in your plan appropriately
  3. Measure the room’s entries and doorways. Measure the distance of the entries and doorways from each side of the wall they are on. Record these in your plan. Remember to include the direction any doors open to and the area that needs to be clear for them to open (indicate by drawing an arc in the direction it opens)
  4. Measure the dimensions of the windows. Remember to measure the distance of the edge of the windows to the edge of the walls they sit on. Record these measurements in your plan. Remember to include the direction that they open if they open out rather than up, express as an arc in the relevant direction
  5. Measure any other significant physical features that are in the space such as fireplaces, built-in shelves, the mounted TV etc. Locate and record them in your plan
  6. Measure the height of the walls from floor to ceiling. Record this in your plan. Record any ceiling height changes in the space
  7. Determine the room’s aspect and record as a cross that denotes where north, south, east and west are in your plan, outside of your room’s walls
  8. Record where the room’s power sources, lights switches and any other controls that require access are in your plan
  9. Incorporate any items of furniture that you want kept in their exact location and denote where they are in the room in your plan
  10. Scan you plan or take a picture of it your phone and upload to your brief

Example floor plan